Black Adam Post-Credits Scene Sets Up An Epic Team-Up

Black Adam ending explained with post-credits scene.

Black Adam Ending Explained: One of the most beloved characters returns. | via Warner Bros.

by | Dec 1, 2022

Riding high on the shoulders of Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam prepared us for a new wave of live-action DC films. The movie introduced us to a surprising number of characters from the DC comics – and ended in an epic battle that truly brought justice to the man expected to rival Superman.

If you need any help understanding the finale of Black Adam, or more importantly the mid-credits scene, here’s our breakdown.

Black Adam Ending Explained

Dwayne Johnson has been teasing the hell out of Black Adam’s ending. | via The Tonight Show

The film culminated in an epic battle between Black Adam (The Rock), members of the Justice Society (the JSA), and the main antagonist of the film: Ishmael Gregor/Sabbac (Marwan Kenzari). The battle took place over the fate of the nation of Kahndaq, probably even the world.

After Adam willingly agreed to be held captive in a Task Force X prison under the supervision of Amanda Waller, Sabbac rose to power to take on the heroes of the JSA.

Carter Hall / Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Albert Rothstein / Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Maxine Hunkel / Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) attempted but failed to stop Sabbac in his schemes. This is when Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) formulated a plan of his own.

Trapping Sabbac in the ruins of Kahndaq to fight him off alone, Doctor Fate sets off a projection to the now-imprisoned Adam as a last-ditch effort. This leads to Adam escaping and regaining his powers and returning to battle Sabbac.

Adam is joined by Hawkman, who wields the now-dead Doctor Fate’s helmet. Ultimately, Adam delivers the final blow to Sabbac and takes on the role of Kahndaq’s new ruler. This is when the anti-hero adopts a new name: Black Adam.

As he parts ways with the JSA on decent terms, Black Adam decides to destroy the palace’s throne, instead taking on the role of the nation’s protector.

While these events establish Black Adam as a true hero of the DCEU, it’s the post-credits scene that adds additional flair to an already action-packed movie.

Black Adam Post-Credits: Superman Is Back

It might not be a surprise that Black Adam has an epic post-credits scene, since Dwayne Johnson has been spoiling it throughout the press coverages.

To answer your queries, yes, Henry Cavill makes a glorious return as Superman, and it seems like the Black Adam movie was only a small part of the bigger picture. Sure, the Rock was expected to play a major superhero for years, and this movie was by no means a disappointment. The movie itself, however, pales in comparison to the future it has set up.

In the post-credits scene, Amanda Waller, the brains behind the Suicide Squad, contacts Black Adam using a drone. She says that she’s letting him remain a free metahuman… for now because Kahndaq essentially serves as his new prison. She then goes on to warn him about how he would regret it if he ever decided to escape.

Black Adam scoffs at Waller’s remarks and turns the drone to dust. This is when Cavill, or more appropriately Superman shows up. He says how it’s been a while since anyone made the Earth shake. Superman then offers to talk with Adam, and the credits resume.

While there is no official announcement regarding a Black Adam sequel, the appearance of Cavill’s Superman was assurance enough that a story is already in the works. Just like any modern superhero movie, a mid-credits scene usually sets up the future of the franchise, and Black Adam is no exception.