Every Important Detail About High School DxD Season 5

High School DxD Season 5 follows up on the battle with Sairaorg.

High School DxD season 5 is still mostly under wraps. | via Funimation

by | Sep 30, 2022

High School DxD is an anime that needs little introduction. Based on a series of light novels from author Ichie Ishibumi and artist Miyama-Zero, the story follows a boy’s encounter with supernatural beings, and his following efforts to establish his harem.

The last season of the series – High School DxD Hero, aired back in 2018. While fans have been eagerly awaiting the next season, details about the fifth season of the show remain scarce. Here’s everything we know about the next High School DxD season so far.

What We Known About High School DxD Season 5

Fans of the show have lauded it for its over-the-top but memorable battles, along with moments of comedic fanservice. While the last season received criticism for the change in animation style, the next season of the show is still one of the most searched anime.

Just like many other things, the COVID-19 situation put a halt on the production of some of our favorite shows and anime, and High School DxD wasn’t spared either. Before the pandemic hit, the fifth season was expected to arrive sometime in 2020. After multiple delays, the series is now expected to debut sometime in late 2022 or early 2023.

While no official announcement has been made, the author of the light novel: Ichiei Ishibumi, stated that High School DxD’s next season is indeed in production and could be announced soon.

High School DxD Season 5 will have a similar cast.

High School DxD: Born was the last we saw of the anime. | via Funimation

High School DxD: Born adapted volumes 9 and 10 of the light novels, concluding with Issei’s battle with Sairaorg, along with some powerups for the team. The season also gave us the first kiss between Issei and Rias, with each professing their love for the other.

Following this trend, season 5 is expected to adapt volumes 11 and 12 of the light novel. The story will begin with Issei, Kiba, and Akron’s preparation for the middle-class promotion test. Meanwhile, Koneko will be given some spotlight as she experiences jealousy due to the increased closeness of Issei and Ria.

A Quick Summary of High School DxD

The series revolves around the second-year high school student Issei Hyoudou, a teenager with one grand dream: becoming a harem king.

Issei’s dream faces a minor setback when he is murdered on his first date, by his first date. The girl reveals herself to be a fallen angel, giving the teenager a wild introduction to the world of supernatural beings. Just as life fades away from Issei, he is resurrected by Rias Gremory. The girl titled the prettiest girl at his school reveals herself as a demon, and informs Issei that he now serves as her “pawn”, all the while lying naked in his room.

The anime explores the developing relationship between Issei and Rias, which goes beyond that of a master and her servant. Surrounded by girls at the Occult Research school club, Issei pursues his path of creating his harem.

The Team Behind High School DxD Season 5

The first three seasons of the anime were produced by Studio TNK. Season 4, however, was animated by Studio Passione, which was behind another popular sex-comedy anime: Interspecies Reviewers (2020). While the change in studios and animation style took fans by surprise, leading to discontent among many, it seems like Studio Passione will be animating the fifth season of High School DxD, with Yoshifumi Sueda (High School DxD Born, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) serving as director.

Much like anything else, not much has been revealed about the voice cast, but most actors from the previous season are expected to return, with Yuki Kaji as Issei Hyoudou and Yoko Hikasa voicing Rias Gremory.

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