John Krasinski Returns as Jack Ryan in Season 3

Jack Ryan season 3 involves Krasinski on the run from the CIA. | via Amazon Prime Video

by | Dec 4, 2022

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular shows. Based on the CIA agent from Tom Clancy’s novel series, Jack Ryan has been portrayed by many actors, including Harrison Ford and Chris Pine.

Portrayed by John Krasinski, the series first arrived on Prime Video in August 2018 and was an instant success. The first season of the show left the viewers wanting more, but season 2 failed to live up to the expectations.

Ever since the announcement of the third seasons, fans have been nothing but hopeful about the future events. And if the trailer is anything to go by, you will not be disappointed.

What Will Jack Ryan Season 3 Be About

An episodic image from Jack Ryan Season 3.

Season 3 is shot across multiple locations around the world. | via Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s description of Jack Ryan season 3 paints it as the most unpredictable yet, and we love it.

“In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan is working as a CIA case officer in Rome, when he is tipped off that the Sokol Project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years after it was thought to have been shut down. Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence, but things quickly go awry, and he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy. Accused of treason, with a Red Notice out for his arrest, Jack is forced to run from his own government, if he has any hope of uncovering the rogue faction before it’s too late. Crisscrossing Europe as he is hunted by former allies and new enemies alike, Jack races against the clock to stop the cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe.”

The trailer shows Ryan to be on the run – but not from the CIA, at least according to him. He will be trying to fend off the developments of another world war while escaping from the CIA and a group of Russians.

What Happened In Season 2?

The second season of Jack Ryan had a 58 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, down from 88 percent of the first season.

Season 1 of Jack Ryan showed us the slow transformation of Jack Ryan from a CIA analyst living a desk job to a CIA operative. It heavily relied on Krasinski’s ability to portray the character’s charm and struggles.

Season 2 was where things started to pick up the pace. Ryan is no longer a rookie and is finally showing us the action-filled aspects of the job. The season opens up with “Cargo” as Jack Ryan searches for the truth behind Venezuela’s certain transactions.

The cast also saw many new additions, which may have been both good and bad. While the new characters certainly added some star power to the show, the space surely got cluttered at times. The villains, however, did not steal the spotlight from Jack this time around.

The story was built simply to provide viewers with an action-filled triller with a globe-trotting aspect, with a political conspiracy thrown into the mix.

While Krasinski’s performance was praised, the story itself was seen as more predictable and cluttered with the introduction of numerous new characters. With the third season, things are expected to be more toned down, with the attention of Jack Ryan’s endeavors.

Release Date for Jack Ryan Season 3

The COVID-19 pandemic did not let most things get away unaffected, and one of those was Jack Ryan. Showrunner Carlton Cuse confirmed that the show’s storyline required multiple filming locations, which made it difficult to film over the past few years.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Carlton Cuse said –

“It was logistically challenging to work on all eight episodes that we’re shooting on three continents with four different directors and often two – and sometimes three – crews shooting at one.”

The globe-trotting element certainly adds to the show’s charm, and we’re not complaining about the delay. The series has been filmed across the US, the UK, Russia, Canada, Columbia, and Morocco.

The show is not ready for release on December 21st and will consist of eight episodes.

  • Episode 1: “Falcon”
  • Episode 2: “Old Haunts”
  • Episode 3: TBA
  • Episode 4: “Our Death’s Keeper”
  • Episode 5: “Druz’ya i Vragi”
  • Episode 6: “Ghosts”
  • Episode 7: “Moscow Rules”
  • Episode 8: “Star on the Wall”

All eight episodes will be released on Prime Video simultaneously.

Main Cast For The Third Season

Besides Krasinski, Michael Kelly and Wendell Pierce will be returning to the series, reprising their roles of Mike November and James Green respectively.

  • John Krasinski as Jack Ryan
  • Wendell Pierce as James Greer
  • Michael Kelly as Mike November
  • Nina Hoss as Alena Kovac
  • Betty Gabriel (taking over for Marianne Jean-Baptiste) as Elizabeth Wright
  • James Cosmo as Luca
  • Peter Guinness as Petr
  • Alexej Manvelov as Alexei

In addition to the main cast, there’s is a key guest appearance set for the show, one that might expand the horizon’s of the Tom Clancy universe.

Beyond Jack Ryan Season 3

The third season is not as far as the series goes. Prime Video has already confirmed that the show will be receiving a fourth and final season, followed by a spin-off series.

The creators cast Michael Peña as Domingo “Ding” Chavez, an executive officer of Rainbow Six, a counterterrorism unit appearing in multiple books of Clancy.

Peña’s cameo will set up the spin-off based on the Rainbow Six, and we might even get a future cameo from Krasinski’s Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, and seasons 1 are 2 are already available on the streaming service. Jack Ryan season 3 will be arriving on Prime Video on December 21.