Listed: The Best Quirks From My Hero Academia

Hero Killer Stain served as the foundation of the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia characters wield some of the most interesting powers in any superhero story. | Credits for Images: TOHO Animation

by | Nov 16, 2022

My Hero Academia is full of eccentric characters, and superpowers that are just as engaging.

With numerous superhuman abilities called Quirks showcased throughout the series, here’s a list of the 10 most interesting and powerful Quirks from My Hero Academia.

Overhaul – Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki was the main antagonist in My Hero Academia during the Shie Hassaikai arc.

Starting this list is the merciless antagonist of season four – Kai Chisaka, A.K.A. Overhaul. Chisaki wields one of the most terrifying Quirks in the My Hero Academia universe. Sharing the same name as his villain name, Overhaul allows the head of Shie Hassaikai to deconstruct and reconstruct any matter at will. He can do so with inanimate objects, as well as humans.

The fight between Deku and Chisaki at the end of season four got all the more intense with the stakes at hand.

Brainwashing – Hitoshi Shinso

Shinso had one of the greatest developments among My Hero Academia characters.

Shinso was one of the most undervalued individuals at the beginning of the series. Facing a loss against Midoriya during the Sports Festival Arc, Shinso underwent some series character development.

This Quirk allows Shinso to put another person in a state where they are enforced to obey his commands. The activating condition for the Quirk is that the person should verbally respond to something Shinso says. The Quirk has to be intentionally activated and will not take effect if Shinso doesn’t want it to.

Although Brainwashing was not very strong at first, after training hard and using his special gear Persona Chords, which allow him to modify his vocal tone to imitate the voices of other people, he could easily deceive the opponent into answering him and activate Brainwashing.

With his ability honed, Shinso is even considered by fans as the second coming of Aizawa.

Permeation – Lemillion

Mirio Togata wields the Quirk to permeate anything.

With the dream of saving a million lives on his shoulders, we first got introduced to Mirio Togata as the easy-going senpai in My Hero Academia. However, the young heroes soon got their asses handed to them by their senior, along with the realization that even a simple Quirk could achieve so much.

As the name suggests, Permeation is an ability that allows Mirio to become intangible and pass through any tangible matter. Although the ability posed several difficulties for Mirio, after his training, he had trained it to perfection.

Permeation provides Mirio with insane mobility as he has to stop for nothing. In addition, he can phase out any attacks directed toward him.

The Quirk also has its limitations. While activated, Mirio can’t see, hear or breathe as everything passes right through him. He has to always maintain one foot solid or he will fall into the ground. Despite its nil destructive power, Mirio uses his Quirk in a manner that might make him a difficult opponent even for All Might.

Creation – Creati

Momo Yaoyorozu can create anything as long as she has an understanding and enough calories.

Momo Yaoyorozu served as the vice class representative of Class 1-A at U.A. and has been the natural leader of the class even in times of peril. Being proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well as wielding multiple weapons, Creati has always held her own in battle. Her proficiency in combat and her genius intellect is perfectly complemented by her Quirk – Creation.

Yaomomo’s Creation lets her create any inanimate object from her body by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells. To create something, she needs to precisely understand the molecular structure of that object.

As these objects are made of the lipids and fat in her body, Momo has to maintain a considerable amount of food in her body for the Quirk. Creation is one handy ability and let’s face it a great way to stay slim.

Bloodcurdle – Hero Killer: Stain

Hero Killer Stain served as the foundation of the League of Villains.

Despite his short appearance, Stain was one of the most monumental appearances throughout the anime. With All Might serving as the beacon of hope, Stain was the darkness that brought the villains together into the league of villains.

His ability, Bloodcurdle, allows him the ability to freeze anybody whose blood he ingests. Combined with Stain’s unhinged personality, he became known as the Hero Killer and possibly the first true villain of the series.

Erasure – Shota Aizawa

Shoto Aizawa is the professor and mentor to students of Class 1-A at U.A.

A Quirk so powerful that it has a major time limit placed on it. Aizawa serves as the professor of Class 1-A in My Hero Academia, but he is much more than a teacher for the young heroes.

The wielder of Erasure, Aizawa can temporarily deactivate any person’s quirk as long as he can keep his eyes fixed on them. Even blinking renders the ability ineffective, even giving him dry eyes. If not for this limitation, Aizawa sensei might have ranked even higher on the list.

Warp Gate – Kurogiri

Kurogiri has the ability to create dark mists that can warp anything at will.

Quirks are not all about strength, and Warp Gate is a great example of that. Kurogiri served as a general and an irreplaceable force for the League of Villains. His Warp Gate allows him to envelop anyone in a dense, black fog and teleport them at will.

 Kurogiri’s Quirk has been monumental throughout the series as a means of escaping when Shigaraki is done causing chaos, and recent developments in the manga make it seem like he still has a key role to play in the story.

Foresight – Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye served as a mentor to both Mirio Togata and Izuku Midoriya.

Mirai Sasaki, known by the hero name of Sir Nighteye, served as the mentor of Deku in season four. While the man was not lacking in intellect or physical abilities, it was his quirk that took him a step further.

Nighteye’s Quirk allowed him to view the future of any person he came into contact with and made eye contact. The ability allows Nighteye to see their future in great detail, as far as years, and has an (almost) 100 accuracy, with nothing being able to alter the events he foresaw.

Copy – Neito Monoma

Monoma is one of the most versatile My Hero Academia characters, with the ability to copy almost any quirk.

What might be the simplest of all quirks, Neito Monoma’s Copy allows him to replicate the Quirks of those he comes into physical contact with. Monoma can maintain any copied powers for a few minutes and is able to wield multiple Quirks. 

Monoma serves as the sarcastic, loud-mouthed yet enigmatic leader of Class 1-B, and turns out be a key figure in later developments.

Rewind – Eri

Eri has become one of the integral My Hero Academia characters since her introduction.

Things start to get into another realm when the powers of time start getting involved. The fourth season of My Hero Academia introduced her to Eri, and her ability to essentially reverse time.

Rewind allows her to reverse the body of any living thing to its past state, with no limits. She can revert her subjects to their young selves, heal them, undo bodily modifications, or erase their existence entirely.

Eri’s power is located in the horn on her head and the fourth season of the anime revolved around her ability.