A New Witcher Book is Coming in 2024, says author Sapkowski

Finding refuge in the books after the mayhem that transpired with the Netflix series.
Published On August 09, 2023

Andrez Sapkowski probably plans another side-quest for Geralt as the author reveals his plans for a new Witcher book. Image by Unsplash

The Witcher season 3’s end was a disappointment across multiple levels — it just ended up being a cliffhanger, Henry Cavill’s Geralt wasn’t given a farewell nor an explanation for the oncoming “metamorphosis,” and things didn’t seem close to what the showrunners had been promising.

But the Witcher universe is not all gloom, since series author Andrzej Sapkowski recently revealed that he’s working on a new novel for the series.

  • During a live stream last Thursday organized by Fantastic Talk(s), Sapkowski confirmed that he’s been “quite diligently” working on a new book — the first in a decade for the Witcher series.
  • The last addition to the novels was Seasons of Storms, set between the short stories in the first book of the series. The whole Ciri and Geralt saga ended with The Lady of the Lake 24 years back.
  • According to Sapkowski (conversation translated by Witcher fan site Redanian Intelligence), the series “may take a year, but no longer,” — more or less confirming that it hits the shelves in 2024.

While the new book is a welcomed addition, it won’t serve as a sequel to the original storyline, as Sapkowski had adamantly put an end to the saga with The Lady of the Lake. “It will probably be something like a prequel or a sidequel. Not a sequel,” said the author during an event in 2018.

And who knows, the new book may eventually be adapted into another video game — especially since Sapkowski lost out on potential millions of dollars with the Witcher trilogy.