A New Eeveelution On The Way, Pokémon Anime Suggests

An image of Eevee to signify upcoming Eevee evolutions.

The Eevee evolutions might soon be getting their newest member. | via The Pokémon Company

by | Sep 19, 2022

The Pokemon anime went through a phase of redundancy, but things have been changing for the better over the past few seasons. We finally saw Ash becoming the champion of a region, and the Journeys anime has given it a new meaning. With the Gen 9 games right on the horizon, the show has given us some hope regarding the future of one of the fandom’s most loved Pokemon: Eevee.

Eevee last received a new form all the way back in 2013 in Pokemon X & Y, showcasing Sylveon as the flagbearer of the Fairy-type. There have been several speculations regarding these Eeveelutions, with the most recent one being that it may receive a special form for Pokemon: Legends Arceus.

While nothing came to fruition in the Hisuian region, all hope is not lost. The anime has been practically throwing the possibility of a new Eeveelution at our face for some time now, and we may soon get a first look at a brand-new Eevee form.

If you have been watching the Pokemon Journeys anime, you should be familiar with Chloe, Professor Cerise’s daughter. While the show mainly revolves around Ash and Goh, Chloe gets her moments of glory from time to time, and the last few episodes were about just that.

Chloe’s companion is an Eevee, which has been shown to be incapable of evolving for unknown reasons. If this is not a sign alone that a new Eeveelution is on the horizon, we do know about Pokemon’s style of giving the Pokemon a brand-new form.

Every time one of the main characters catches an Eevee, it goes on to evolve into one of its newest forms.

Gary’s Eevee was revealed to have evolved into an Umbreon. May was part of the Ruby & Sapphire series but was part of a special episode in the Diamond & Pearl series, where her Eevee was shown to have evolved into a Glaceon. The last we say of this pattern was when Serena’s Eevee evolved into a Sylveon in the X & Y series.

According to this pattern, Chloe is next in line to receive a new Eevee form. The Pokemon Journeys anime is nearing its end and the last few episodes just teased us about the new Eeveelution.

Where the Anime Stands on Eevee Evolutions

Episode 120 of the Pokemon Journeys anime, titled “Koharu and Eievui, the Possibilities are Endless!” (Chloe and Eeveem the Possibilities are Endless!) showed that Chloe wanted to learn more about Pokemon evolution after she and Eevee witnessed the Clefairy evolution ritual.

The Pokemon Journeys Anime showing Ash and Goh with their Pokemon.

The Pokémon Journeys series explores the universe in a completely different way. | via The Pokémon Company

Chloe’s Eevee was a test subject at the Eeveelution research facility in Vermilion City. The researchers exposed it to various evolution stones, but none were successful. Eevee then escaped the lab and found help from Chloe and her Yamper to defeat Team Rocket, after which Eevee decided she wanted to stay with Chloe. The researchers hoped that Eevee’s adventure with Chloe would help her find her identity, and maybe even go down the path of evolution. Before leaving, the researchers inform Chloe that the Eevee has “unstable genetics”, refusing to evolve into any of its eight evolutions.

All this puts us right down the track of a new Eeveelution, but things aren’t as simple. While the Paldea region will introduce us to many new Pokemon, the Journeys anime cannot be taken as a clear indication of what the future holds. The anime is not directly connected to any season, although most would describe it as a part of Sword and Shield. This may throw you off, but there are just too many things pointing in the right direction.

Fans have been up at giving Eevee all the love with multiple designs of what every new form would look like. It would be a shame if Pokemon skips out on the opportunity, as the Pokemon Journeys series has been the best season of the anime in years.