Rick Shows Major Growth In the Penultimate Episode of Season 6

Rick and Morty season 6 brings a heartwarming moment with the penultimate episode. | via Adult Swim

by | Dec 10, 2022

The following story contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 9, titled “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort,” which debuted December 4, on Adult Swim or Netflix depending on your region.

Rick and Morty has been about a grandfather introducing his grandson to adventures across endless dimensions, which sometimes may result in death. While each season of the show has introduced us to new characters, be it old nemesis or unlikely allies of the eccentric scientist, season 6 has walked down a different path.

Rick and Morty Season 6, Ep. 9: Morty Becomes a Knight of the Sun

Season 6 of Rick and Morty showed the emotional growth of the titular pair, especially as Rick got in touch with his far-forgotten emotions. The main is shown to look past his ego, be a better dad to the Beths, and even (mostly) treat Jerry as a decent human being.

In the penultimate episode of season 6, “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort,” the show builds upon the “emotional well-being” aspects of Rick’s therapy session in the last episode. Episode 9 starts off as Rick and Morty catch the eye of the honorable “Knights of the Sun.” Morty is almost instantly offered the chance to become a knight, and despite Rick’s warning that nothing good would come out of it, Morty gives in to the knights.

These events lead to Sir Helios, one of the knights, sacrificing himself as he gives Morty a major responsibility: to go to the Sun to accept his oath of knighthood as Sir Morthaniel. This oath, however, sets in motion the running gag of the episode – Morty being required to cut off his own penis as a Knight of the Sun.

The episode has certainly been one of the more interesting ones this season, with Morty having an (extremely) quick showdown against the Sun’s king, or how other inhabitants of the solar system believe how the Sun works. The real highlight of this episode, however, is how Rick acknowledges his love for Morty, even going as far as giving up on any witty, condescending quips about Morty’s mistakes.

King Morthaniel Ends Up Taking Responsibility

While the episode focused on Rick’s growth as a person, it had another important aspect that simply cannot be overlooked – Morty assuming responsibility for his actions. We have seen Morty as the whiny teenager who just can’t cope with most issues, but it seems like the emotional growth has not been exclusive to Rick. Well, venturing across different galaxies and dimensions, and witnessing the death of your family and yourself is bound to take its toll.

After accidentally assuming control of the Sun and starting an all-out war in the solar system, it is Morty needs who to take charge. The character is shown to end up with a certain scepter believed to be the center of the universe and ends up bearing the responsibility of explaining to people how our solar system actually works.

This, however, leads to a chained reaction where the Knights of the Sun lose their sense of purpose, hilariously falling into heroin addiction – a humorous outlook on the current opioid crisis. This eventually leads to an all-out space war, one even Santa Claus, the Earl of Earth, cannot stop. The episode also contains some notable cameos from Jack Black, Daniel Radcliffe, and David Mitchell.

To stop the chaos across the solar system, King Morthaniel steps up to take charge of the Knights of the Sun, convincing them to return to their previous responsibilities – but at the cost of his own penis.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Brings Emotional Growth With a Classis Penis Gag

Rick and Morty season 6 has been about family.

Rick and Morty manages to touch your heart at times. | via Warner Media

Glad to see how Morty is taking responsibility for his actions, Rick formulates a plan to save Morty’s penis from being cut off. The duo has, however, overlooked the fact that other members of the solar system may have adapted eerily specific technology meant to detect fake penises, magical or prosthetic (I simply love cartoon logic).

As Rick’s plan to save Morty from the eunuch ritual goes down the lava, they resort to fleeing, with Rick eventually faking their deaths by, you guessed it, jumping off into a pool of lava. On their way down, the characters express their love for each other, with Rick showing how proud he was of his grandson.

With Rick having access to unparalleled technology, it is no big deal for the strongest man across dimensions to get another Morty at will. This episode, however, showed how the character has developed a certain bond with his current protégé, and he simply wants Morty alive.

While the show has been known for twists and turns at the most unexpected moments, these instances of heartwarming vulnerability have a certain charm. I hope that this version of Rick is here to stay. We cannot, however, take the idea out of our minds that something bigger might be brewing behind the scenes.

Well, many of our questions on the future of the duo might be answered in the season finale this Sunday. The finale of Rick and Morty season 6 airs Sunday, Dec. 11 on Adult Swim (or Netflix).