Will the Third Season of Ted Lasso be the Last?

by | Feb 8, 2023

Ted Lasso season 3 has built up to a point where its end seems evident. It’s about love, rivalry, oh yes, and a football championship.
Ted Lasso Season 3 will be centered around the rivalry between Ted and Nathan.

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The beloved (fictional) football coach is back to bring glory to the lackluster AFC Richmond of the past. Apple TV+ gave its viewers the first look at the third season of Ted Lasso, which will have the rivalry between Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed) at its center.

The second season made slight indications that Nate “The Great” might be feeling jealous of Lasso, which was made evident by his outburst near the end of the final episode. The real shocker came with a small peek at Nate, who has now ended up becoming the coach of West Ham, a team now owned by Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) conniving ex-husband Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head).

With the third season of Ted Lasso, you can expect to bid farewell to the beloved and cheery coach. And no, we don’t mean that Sudeikis will be departing from the series, or be laid off from Richmond for that matter. The creators have been pretty open about running the show for just three seasons, and the series has pretty much reached a point where the viewers can receive a satisfying ending.


Ted Lasso has been one of the most viewed comedy series since its debut, and it was pretty evident that the series won’t be left hanging without a satisfying end. Apple TV+ had already made plans for a third season of the series months before even season 2 of Ted Lasso went into production.

Apple TV+ recently released the first teaser trailer for the third season, which revealed that it will be released on March 15.

Apple TV+ originally revealed that the third season of the feel-good series will be coming to the streaming service sometime in “spring 2023.” The announcement was coupled with the first look from the series, with an assertive caption saying “Time to win the whole f***ing thing.”


The first season of Ted Lasso depicted Nathan as a mellow yet introvert who shares a love for football like much of the English residents in the series. While watching Coach Lasso help Nate get his voice out and even land him a promotion as an assistant coach for AFC Richmond, it seems like “The Wonderkid” might have let things get to his head.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s Emmy-nominated editor A.J. Catoline said “[Nate’s] on a trajectory, career wise. … From season one as kitman, then he became a coach and now he’s the coach of West Ham”.

The second season’s ending hinted that the third (and probably final) season of Ted Lasso will feature a rivalry between Nathan and Ted, and the season’s first image just made things official. The visual shows the two coaches standing with their eyes locked at the West Ham home ground, with the conspiring Rupert Mannion lurking in the background.

The coaches of Richmond AFC from Ted Lasso.

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Actor Nick Mohammed talked about the “downfall” and the evident heel turn of his character with Us Weekly, stating “All I can say is expect more of a roller-coaster and there’s some brilliant and lovely twists and turns along the way. I think his actions are villainous. I think he’s got all the makings to be a villain because like almost all villain origin stories, they come from a place of neglect, insecurity. Nate has got bag fulls of that.”

This is not going to be the only challenge that the show’s leads are going to be facing. The second season brought our attention to Ted’s troubled past, his struggles with his marriage and the evident divorce, and his subsequent panic attacks. While the mostly cheery coach has things somewhat under control thanks to the help of sports psychologist Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), it’s likely that all is still not right with Lasso.

The third season will also be focusing on Rebecca, who’s shown the greatest character development since the first season. The owner has gone from trying to sabotage the team at every step to truly rooting for their victory. With her scheming ex-husband now the owner of their rival team, it is likely that we will be getting even more of the duo butting heads.

Finally, there’s the romance between Keeley (Juno Temple) and Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). Keeley is now looking to make some big developments with her career, which means that her relationship with the former footballer might struggle. The ending of the second season hinted at this fact with Roy’s plans of a trip being dumped by Keeley, and we expect to see the duo rambling through even more facets of their relationship.


A still of Rebecca and Ted Lasso from the series.

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This one is confusing, and the fact that Rebecca and Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) have an already troubled relationship, we don’t know if she and Ted will be a thing by the end of the season. Rebecca is still not over her insecurities with relationships and coupled with the fact that she’s dating a considerably younger player in her club, she cannot sort out her feelings for Sam.

Hannah Waddingham spoke about the way the relationship between Sam and Rebecca (her character) ended in the previous season. When asked about this ending in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the actress said “I think she ended on a confused note about Sam [Toheeb Jimoh] because there is an electricity and an ease between them but is she perturbed enough by the age gap to leave it behind or reignite it. Who knows? We shall see!”

Even though the series has at times hinted at a relationship between Ted and Rebecca with some heartwarming moments, I want to see more of Sassy (Ellie Taylor) and Ted. She has been a hilarious addition to the cast in every episode she shows up, and her relationship with Ted just needs more attention rather than a simply hookup.


All we can do right now is speculate whether the third season of Ted Lasso is going to be its final outing. The creators initially planned the series to run for three seasons only, and it seems like they’ve gotten to that point without many hiccups.

When we first pitched this particular story, we said this series was only going to be three seasons. And I would probably stay clean and say that even if Ted Lasso goes on, the story the writing staff has been telling had a beginning, middle and end for the first three seasons. And then it might veer off from that.

Bill Lawrence, Executive Producer (via Deadline)

The show’s cast has been indicating that they have no clue whether a fourth season is going to happen, but they have not given any clear indications about this being the end either.

In an interview with the Daily Express, Jeremy Swift, who plays the Director of Football Operations Leslie Higgins in the series, the actor stated that he had no clue whether a fourth season is being developed. “Literally everybody asks it, and I think the only person who can give an answer is Jason. And I don’t think even he knows,” Swift stated.

According to a previous report from Deadline, the shows co-creators Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly are pretty adamant about this being the final outing of Coach Lasso, and we understand where they are coming from. Even the best of shows are likely to lose their edge if the story is being thinned out over a bunch of seasons.

With the way that things have been set up in the previous two seasons, season 3 is expected to provide a satisfying ending to the very core members of the show, namely Lasso, Rebecca, and Roy Kent. The second season also developed Coach Beard from just Lasso’s sidekick to a deeper character, and we may get an episode giving a more satisfying end to his relationship struggles.

Weighing things down, it seems unlikely that the show will be getting another season, especially unless Sudeikis is completely on board with the idea.