The Ancient Magus’ Bride Begins Airing on April 6

by | Jan 18, 2023

The trailer for The Ancient Magus Bride season 2 hints that Chise is not yet free from the chains of her past.

I have been waiting for this one for a long time. I have been guilty of somewhat ignoring slice-of-life anime in the past, finding them a little too “giddy” or “predictable” in my case. What broke this misconception of mine was The Ancient Magus’ Bride from 2017.

While I started watching the anime after getting a glance at its beautiful animation, what got me hooked was the engaging dynamic between Elias (the magus) and Chise (the “slave”), and how each became a beacon of light in the other’s life.

Even the ample 24-episode run of the season got me wanting more, and while the final episode seemed like a fitting end to the show, I was too happy to realize that the story wasn’t yet over. I have been eagerly awaiting an announcement of the show’s second season ever since then

Even though it took nearly 4 years for the anime to return (ignoring the three-part prequel), the trailer for the anime’s second season is here, and we’re going to get even more of Chise this time around.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride season two introduces a bunch of new characters.

Studio Kafka will be animating the series this time around, and it has a really special story behind it. For those well-versed in anime, you might know that Studio Kafka is not a reputable or even a well-known production studio. In fact, this will be their first time producing a mainstream anime (with the only other being the 3-part OVA for the anime).

The creators of Studio Kafka actually established the company with a sole purpose in mind – creating The Ancient Magus’ Bride anime. And from the looks of the trailer, they seem to have done a stellar job.

The second season highlights the fact that Chise is back to her life as a high-schooler, despite the fact that she is “married” to Elias. The school is actually an organization for mages known as “The College”, and the new season will seemingly focus on Chise opening up to more people.

The first season of the anime took place in a bubble, with the sole focus being the brewing relationship between Chise and Elias, going beyond that of a master and her slave. Will the magical universe that has been set up through the first 24 episodes, we expect this season to explore more of the universe, with the protagonist gaining more acquaintances.

The final few moments of the trailer gain a slightly darker tone, with a conspiracy looming somewhere, and it is all connected to Chise. We even get a glance at what seemed like blood splattered along someone’s face, but it’s still too early to guess.

Crunchyroll describes the anime as:

Chise was able to accept Elias and herself, if not necessarily everything about her situation. After Cartaphilus fell back into a slumber that would not last forever, Chise was able to go back to her regular life. Then she receives an invitation from a mutual aid organization for mages called the College.

Under the British Library exists a secret society of mages. Encounters and interactions with people are about to open some new doors.

This is a story about saving yourself to save another.

The second season of The Ancient Magus’ Bride will be premiering on April 6, with Crunchyroll streaming the anime worldwide, excluding Asia.