Did Anyone Need a Sequel After the Mediocre Ending?

by | Feb 8, 2023

The Seven Deadly Sins Sequel needs to get a lot of things right just to get fans to return to the series.

Even though the previous two seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins were a lackluster affair, the creators are set to explore the world of fairies, goddesses, and demons even further, this time through the eyes of the future generation.

A sequel to the Seven Deadly Sins, titled “Four Knights of the Apocalypse” was originally announced as a manga in 2020, beginning serialization in 2021. With no surprise, the manga will be adapted into an anime, although we have already witnessed one of its characters in the recently released Netflix film (which was a weird experience in itself).

The makers have now revealed a small teaser for the anime, and while most of it is simply a reminder of what has happened so far through manga art, we do get one important detail: the anime will be arriving sometime in 2023.


If you might have seen The Grudge of Edinburgh, you might know some of the things that have been going on since the original anime ended. If you have not, however, we don’t blame you. First of all, the two-part movie does not yet have an end (as only one part is out), and the idea of moving past Meliodas and the other Sins just does not sit well.

Here’s a quick gist of the premise: Meliodas and Elizabeth have been serving as the king and queen for a few years now, and now have a son – Tristan. Born to two of the strongest people in the universe, the character has some insane great genetics, but it seems like the powers of the Demon Clan and the Goddess Clan don’t mix well. Struggling to harness the powers of his demon half, Tristan decides to leave the Kingdom of Liones and in the typical coming-of-age movie style, leaves for a journey of self-discovery.

A poster for the Seven Deadly Sins sequel anime.

A new adventure with a lot of familiar faces.  |  via Telecom Animation Film

The story of The Four Knights of the Apocalypse takes place a couple of years after the events of the Grudge of Edinburgh (at least according to the manga), and unlike what you might expect, Tristan Liones is not the main character here. The series introduces a protagonist with no real roots originating back to the Seven Deadly Sins anime – a young boy named Percival.

We don’t want to spoil much of the story here, but you should know that Percival, and Tristan for that matter, and two of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, prophesized to destroy the world by bringing forth four different calamities.

Much like in any other era, this fact does not sit well with other kingdoms, and Percival is therefore hunted by the Holy Knights of Camelot. The plot might be somewhat familiar to the Seven Deadly Sins fans, as they were also being hunted by the kingdom for allegations of plotting a coup and seeking destruction.


The first two seasons of the Seven Deadly Sins were great for people just breaking into anime. It had its fair share of “hype moments,” but my favorite part of the story was how the history was several key characters were shrouded in mystery. My favorite was the love of King and Diane, with the latter staying by the Giant’s side even after she lost all memories of their years spent together falling for each other.

Things really went wrong, however, with the next two seasons, namely “Wrath of the Gods” and “Dragon’s Judgement.” The animation was beyond pleasing, looking like something thrown together in a flurry just to get something up. The story felt like an extended version of Goku’s episode-long Super Saiyan 3 transformation, with fillers and needless moments putting unnecessary gaps in the story.

With the previous few disappointments, the makers of the Seven Deadly Sins sequel really need to outdo themselves to bring the fans back to the series. Telecom Animation Film, the studio behind anime like Lupin and Tower of God will be creating the anime adaptation, although not much has been revealed about the rest of the cast.

From the first trailer of the series, it looks like the anime will be presenting Percival in a similar fashion to Meliodas, expected to be starting out as an overpowered character. The animation looks reminiscent of the original, and we mean animation from the decent seasons. The manga has been received positively for its story, mixing in a fair share of nostalgia with a new era.

If the makers don’t decide to deviate from the original material and maintain the standard of animation with some of the best anime in recent memory, I don’t see much that would go wrong with it.