Details About The Next Season of Tower of God

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 will revolve around Satoru Gojo.

The Tower of God season 2 will bring more intense battles. | via Crunchyroll

by | Oct 5, 2022

The first season of Tower of God was a huge hit on Crunchyroll, and it was evident that the show would be receiving another season.

The Crunchyroll Expo dropped several huge announcements, and among these was the arrival of Tower of God’s second season. As of August 2022, the streaming service has announced that the new season is in production. While no official date for the release has been given as of yet, you can expect the show to hit Crunchyroll near late 2022 or 2023.

Even though the anime adaptation is set to return soon, the webtoon itself has gone on an indefinite hiatus (at the time of publishing this post). The creator of the series, S.I.U., has been struggling with health issues for some time and has taken some time off. Despite this fact, the webtoon has already accumulated 550 chapters, giving the readers a lot of things to go through as the writer prepared for his return.

Tower of God Season 2: What We Know So Far

Crunchyroll’s official announcement regarding the next season:

“The long-awaited second season of the celebrated anime series Tower of God, based on SIU’s WEBTOON webcomic, is headed to Crunchyroll. The sensationally beloved series of the same name originated on WEBTOON–the world’s largest digital comics platform home to 82 million monthly users–where it has over 4.8 billion views online, and will also be debuting its first volume of the upcoming graphic novel edition from WEBTOON Unscrolled on November 22. Season two of the dark fantasy series will follow Bam as he continues his journey through the mysterious tower.”

Teaser art for the Tower of God Season 2.

The teaser art gives us a glimpse of Ja Wangnan, a key character in the second season. | via Crunchyroll

The anime is based on a webtoon of the same name by Lee Jong Hui, better known as S.I.U. (Slave In Utero). Here’s what the creator had to say about the return of the anime adaptation:

“It seems like season 1 of the animation just came out yesterday, but now I’ll have a chance to see all of you again through season 2! I’m so grateful to all of the anime production staff as well as the readers, and I can’t wait to see how season 2 turns out. Thank you as always for all your support!”

The second season of the show is expected to adapt the entirety of Part 2 of the manhwa, titled “The Price of Zahard”. The story will take place six years after the events of Part 1, and will introduce us to some of the strongest existences inhabiting the Tower, including Urek Mazino and the FUG. The story arc covers the first 35 chapters of the second volume, focusing on Baam as FUG Slayer Candidate Jue Viole Grace, Team Tangsooyook, and Ja Wangnan.

Ichikawa Taichi (Shuumatsu no Harem) will voice Baam, and although most details remain scarce, the rest of the voice cast is expected to return along with some new additions.

Where TOG Season 1 Left Things Off

The story follows a young boy named the Twenty-Fifth Bam who is climbing an other-worldly tower to find Rachel, the girl who was the first person to ever extend a hand to the boy’s lonely existence.

The Tower of God anime’s first season adapted the first 78 chapters of the manhwa, which concluded with Rachel “killing” Bam and in turn breaking his trust. The series then revealed some of Rachel’s back story, along with her reasons for betraying Bam.

Bam has no memories of his existence from before he meets with Rachel. He was an amnesiac stranded in a dark cave until Rachel came and looked after him, teaching him everything he knows about the world.

The story starts with Bam finding himself on the first floor of the titular Tower, in the company of the first floor’s caretaker: Headon. The caretaker explains how those who wish to climb the tower must pass multiple trials on each floor. Bam then experiences his first test, and with the help of a girl named Yuri and her companion Evan, manages to move on to the next floor.

The story then progresses with Bam finding the companionship of two other contestants: Khun Aguero Agnes, a quick-witted and sneaky blue-haired boy, and Rak Wrathraiser, a large alligator-like creature. Together they face the tests, while Bam is determined to locate Rachel above anything else.

Despite Rachel asking Bam to stay away from her as she attempts to climb the Tower, Bam manages to find her. Bam accompanies the wheelchair-bound Rachel to the test, determined to protect his “savior”. Just as success is within their reach, Rachel stands from her wheelchair and pushes Bam to his presumed death. The season ends with Bam’s friends grief-stricken, oblivious of Rachel’s betrayal. The young boy is then shown to wake up in a deep cavern, hurt and betrayed. Bam finally decides to climb the tower by himself to find answers.

For those who want to quickly catch up to the story, here’s the official synopsis for Tower of God season 1 by Crunchyroll:

“Twenty-Fifth Bam must journey skyward in a mysterious tower if he has any chance of reuniting with his best friend Rachel, even if that means facing his own death. Before mysteriously disappearing into the tower gates before his very eyes, Rachel cautions Bam to forget all about her. Unwilling to lose her, Bam enters the Tower completely surrounded by Shinsu ― a divine and magical water, at his own peril.”

The show received an average score of 7.56 on MyAnimeList based on over 450,000 ratings. Despite its immense popularity, the animation received a mixed response from viewers. Many found adapting the entirely Part 1 of the webtoon into just 13 episodes rushed.