The Future of DCU: A List of Post-Reboot Films and Shows

The only way to continuity is to build things from the start.
Published On August 22, 2023

James Gunn has laid out an eight to ten-year plan for upcoming DC movies and shows — attempting to finally stand beside the expansive MCU. Photo via Unsplash

James Gunn clearly understood the issue with current DC offerings: a disconnect between its films, shows, and animation. And that’s exactly what the newly anointed co-CEOs set out to fix — through a 10-year plan that involves a complete reboot.

“Storytelling is always king,” Gunn said in his announcement video, as he highlighted the continuity issues the studio has experienced in the past.

  • After years of playing catch up to the MCU, Warner Bros. Discovery made its intentions pretty clear — making one of the most successful superhero film directors in charge to build a more interconnected franchise.
  • Gunn has noted that “yet another DC reboot” is critical for their future. “It’s going to be up to us to show the audience what our universe is,” he said, adding that “it’s going to take some time.”

With a history of ever-growing Superman and Batman projects, the studio is quickly delineating the canon from the “Elseworlds” — setting out to attract the public in a time of superhero fatigue.

Superman: Legacy will be a part of the upcoming DC movies in the post-reboot era.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold will be a part of the upcoming DC movies in the post-reboot era.
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be a part of the upcoming DC movies in the post-reboot era.

The new DC regime will focus on a wide-scale reboot that recasts almost all heroes from the Zack Snyder era.

Images by DC Comics

Gunn and Safran’s Vision for DC’s Future

The first wave of post-reboot DC films and shows are a part of what Gunn called “Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.” The philosophy of production is simple: to respect the unique vision of the directors and writers — all the while dumping more content into the narrative.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming DC movies and shows as part of the Gunn and Safran regime.

“Superman: Legacy” is currently the only project with a release date — slated for July 11, 2025. The film will serve as the “true beginning of the DCU” without actually being an origin story — following the hero as he reconciles with his Kryptonian heritage. The reboot replaces Henry Cavill with David Corenswet (The Politician) owing to the demands of a younger character.

“Creature Commandos” is an animated series written by Gunn about a group of military superhumans. Starring Frank Grillo and David Harbour, the characters will move in and out of animation throughout the series.

“Waller” will be a spin-off series to “Peacemaker,” having Viola Davis reprise her role as the director of A.R.G.U.S. from the Suicide Squad films. The show will also feature characters from Team Peacemaker, Gunn said.

“Lanterns” will be a mix of buddy-cop and spacefaring action featuring Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart as the primary Green Lanterns, with some more “peppered in there.” The “enormous event TV series” will focus on the two unearthing “a terrifying mystery” that ties into the grand narrative.

“The Authority” is described by Gunn as “a very different look at superheroes.” Based on the edgy comic book series published under DC’s WildStorm imprint, the Authority is a group of seven superheroes that goes to great lengths to maintain humanity’s peace.

“Paradise Lost” will be a Game of Thrones-style prequel series to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. It will be based around the all-female island Themyscira, also called Paradise Island — where Wonder Woman was born.

“The Brave and the Bold” will feature the Dynamic Duo of Batman and his “little son of a bitch” murderous assassin son Damian Wayne as Robin. Based on Gran Morrison’s Batman run, the film will finally introduce the Bat-family, separating itself from the Matt Reeves films.

“Booster Gold” will be a series based on “a loser from the future” with ties to Blue Beetle Ted Kord. Gunn describes the series as “the superhero story of imposter syndrome.”

“Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” is a film based on Tom King’s award-winning limited comic series, depicting “a much more jaded character” who lost everything the day Krypton was destroyed. King describes his comic as depicting a “pure version” of Supergirl, who’s “finding out about herself and her own strength.”

“Swamp Thing” will be a “very dark” horror film that will “investigate the dark origins” of the character. Gunn notes that while the story takes place “totally outside of the rest of the DCU,” it will still feed into the rest of the stories.

Other Upcoming DC Movies

The upcoming reboot slate will also separate itself from Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman: Part II” and Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker: Folie à Deux.” These projects will be part of DC’s Elseworlds — telling stories outsides the confines of the primary narrative.

This year has already seen the release of some DC films: Shazam: Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle, with the Aquaman sequel likely to conclude the pre-DCU era. While Gunn previously noted that Ángel Manuel Soto‘s Blue Beetle is “totally disconnected” from the DCU, he later confirmed Xolo Maridueña being the first official superhero under the new slate.